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Welcome to my website. What you are about to see is the product of years of hard work, coffee, and very little sleep. With my love for all things beauty and my passion for perfecting my trade, I knew that this was my calling from a young age. I’m proud to offer my customers the very best in the world of beauty and aesthetics. Check out my services and offers, and get in touch today to book a service or find out more.

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Growing up, this trade was always a passion of mine, and I always admired those who eventually became my role models. I feel lucky to have made it into a blossoming career. As a professional based in Los Angeles, I’ve been helping clients look and feel their best since 2003. What sets me apart is the ease and convenience of my services, as well as a full commitment to high quality services, perfectionism, and professionalism. If you have any questions about my services or my past experience, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.






Hair Style, Hair Cuts, Wigs




Lash Extensions

Makeup Set

"Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference"


Please note: no refunds 24 hours within service to be performed or once service has been performed.


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Meet Kriste


"If you're pretty, you're pretty.  To be beautiful, you have to be loving; otherwise, it's just congratulations

about your face"

- John Mayer

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